About me

My name is Aaron Albright, and I’m a writer. I’m a third-year journalism student at the University of Florida and a lover of all things digital.

 I'll write here when the mood suits me to do so. I also use this site to pursue more fictional wiring endeavors. I’m currently writing The Exchange Project.

My passion for technology manifests itself largely through my writing. My hope is that I can turn that passion into quality pieces of writing I can be proud of.

Because technology covers a huge spectrum, the types of things I'll write about hopefully will be just as diverse. It’ll be part opinion, part informational and part completely insane. I believe technology can enrich our lives in ways little else can. As such, I hope my writing will reflect that.

At times, I may also take a complete turn and write personal pieces that have absolutely nothing to do with tech.

The reality is that I love to write. Little else makes me happier than sitting down at a keyboard and simply typing. That’s why this is Chronic Pen. This is where I will write and (hopefully) write a lot.

If you like what I write, stay awhile. There will be plenty of it. Sentences are my speciality.

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About the projects

At Chronic Pen I also have a number of projects I hope to work on. You will be able to find anything from fictional short stories, to more serial endeavors. I love writing, and this is how hope to get it out (and maybe even get good at it).

My first project is called The Exchange, an experimental serial story.