Apple and the App Store turn (RED) in the fight against AIDS

Unless you're someone who absolutely detests app updates, you've probably noticed a decent handful apps suddenly turning "RED". Don't worry, if you spend any amount of time in the App Store at all this week, you won't miss it.

In support for World AIDS Day 2014, Apple has partnered with (RED), donating a portion of sales on Black Friday to the Global Fund in the fight against AIDS. It's a pretty clever use of the largest shopping day of the year, if you ask me. On Cyber Monday, all sales of Apple products will go towards the Global Fund. Now that's impressive.

You'll also find that 25 apps, from Angry Birds to Clash of Clans, have updated with exclusive content to support (RED). From now until Dec. 7, for every purchase of one of the participating apps (or any purchase of the (RED) in-app content), all proceeds will go toward the Global Fund as well.

My App Store updates on Sunday.

My App Store updates on Sunday.

If you haven't played it already, I highly recommend Monument Valley. It's a beautiful, entertaining game that's well worth its price.

Or if you want something that will stick, try Threes, a far-superior, more polished version of 2048. In fact, even comparing it to 2048 does a disgrace to the care and thoughtfulness put into this app.

Anyway, (RED) is great cause and helping kids in Africa couldn't be easier. For a full list of participating apps, iTunes has you covered.

Source: Apple