Perpetual Neglet - Shawn Blanc

I've been fan of Shawn Blanc for a while. However, his most recent post struck a unique chord in me.

Have I written today? Have I daydreamed? Have I been contemplative? Have I had an inspiring and encouraging conversation? Have I helped somebody? These acts are far more important than the progress I make against my to-do list.
— Shawn Blanc

While I don't have anything close to the workflow of Mr. Blanc, it's certainly something I'm aspiring to. I encouarge you to give his post a read. He gives a lot to think on with many great points about work and productivty. (Click the title on my post and it'll take you to his)

I'll leave you with this.

In this new year, as our thoughts are on what we can do and what we want to do, perhaps we should first think about what we will not do. What tasks and pursuits will we give up or entrust to others?
— Shawn Blanc